Josh Greenberg
Photo: Josh Greenberg

Josh Greenberg

Founder | Green Mountain Lodge (DK)

Driven by an insatiable appetite to discover, create and change culture, Josh Greenberg has built a diverse quiver of resources through his career development, formal education, relationship building, non-traditional channels and entrepreneurial hustle. He has been trusted to help grow and steer some of the most iconic and innovative brands of all time, in Red Bull and Spotify, during critical periods in their evolution. His early foundation came from end-to-end music management: overseeing the creation, production, performance, promotion and presentation of art as brand and business; both his own and those who have trusted him to help them along the way. Applying that foundation to his business, he’s won hearts and minds in company leadership and consumers by authentically balancing the intersection of artistic expression and commercial interest through the lens of brand and business strategy. Now, he extends his experience, network and service to an intentionally broad client base including artists, management companies, labels, promoters, agencies, festivals, conferences, established and start-up tech and culturally connected brands with his consultancy, Green Mountain Lodge.

Speakerslots at c/o pop Convention 2020:

Friday 24.04

12:30 - 14:00

The Conscious Art & Science of Building an Artist into a Brand (Engl.)

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Many artists make music, then take years figuring out how to position, market and sell it. Most businesses invest early in developing their brand in order to differentiate their product in the marketplace and constantly refine it to develop audiences. So how can we help Artists’ teams with the tools to think about their business as a Brand in this congested discovery space? We’ll look through a creative strategy lens and, regardless of where you are on this journey, give you some resources and thoughts on how to develop your brand in parallel with your content to differentiate in the over-crowded music marketplace.