What is actually going wrong here?
What is actually going wrong here?

With Viva la VUCA! a format debuted at last year's c/o pop xoxo that tried to ask the right questions to make the Next Normal bolder. Interdisciplinary and different. The idea was to find social innovation beyond classic norms and the usual "business as usual." One of the faces of the series was also Christoph Bornschein, a particularly influential digital whisperer for boards of large companies and Dax corporations. Among the clients* of his digital agency TLGG are Montblanc, Lufthansa or Deutsche Bahn and his specialty is the question of how digital can create real added value for products and customers - beyond communication and marketing. Today we want to know from him: What's actually going wrong here? Why does the culture and events industry, despite all its efforts, not manage to be heard and treated in the same way as car manufacturers or airlines?

Speaker: Christoph Bornschein
Moderators: Terry Krug, Ralph Christoph

This Interview will be conducted in German in cooperation with the Clubstiftung Hamburg.