Artist Support System – The Age of Independent Music Artists (EN)
Artist Support System – The Age of Independent Music Artists (EN)

Independent artists and their partners are releasing more music than ever before and their market share is growing year on year. Thanks to social media, streaming and Artist Direct platforms, access to the music market has become much easier. There is much speculation about how Artist Direct platforms will change the music industry. Existing structures are being rethought and tailored to the needs of artists, with fair and transparent remuneration. The business model of Artist Direct platforms, with innovative and intuitive services, is booming. Initially positioned for digital distribution, they have expanded their scope to include relevant and customised solutions: data analytics, physical distribution, CD & vinyl production, neighbouring rights, promotion, marketing, mastering, publishing, financing and much more are part of the services. Independent artists and their partners no longer have to pass through the doors of multiple gatekeepers in order to get their music out into the world and build a fanbase. Ronny Krieger, General Manager Europe, Patreon talks with Sarah Hildering, CEO and Co-Founder LEDO, Colin Schrinner, Head of TuneCore, Germany and Donata Kramarz, Artist at NOSOYO and Co-Founder Kindness Records, about the generation of Do-It-Yourself-Entrepreneurs, current tools, and how artists and their partners can find the necessary support system for a successful career.

Speakers: Sarah Hildering, Colin Schrinner, Donata Kramarz
Moderator: Ronny Krieger

This Expert Session will be held in English and is part of the second VUT Indie Days Köln.

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