Network the Networks Germany
Network the Networks Germany

Networking of women* music networks in Germany

"Network the Networks Germany" is a decentrally produced network meeting and a platform for all FLINT* networks in music that aims to achieve national exchange and knowledge transfer between the currently about 50 nationally and regionally active women* music networks, collectives and actors*. The event is based on an idea by Mirca Lotz and is implemented by Music* Women Germany. It will take place as part of the c/o pop Convention as a satellite on April 21.

The first program items are:
- Songwriters Feedback Sessions with Alin Coen & Visibility Breakfast Berlin.
- Action Against Abuse Alliance: Mixer & Think Tank presented by Keychange
- Lost in Bytes & Beats with Alligator Gozaimasu
- How to Feminist Label with Ladies & Ladys Label
- Pandemic Support Group with Mary Ocher of the Underground Institute

Many networks have years of experience, best practices that would be of interest to other networks - if they knew about them. "Network the Networks" wants to close this gap and stimulate an exchange. What can networks learn from each other? And how can networks pool resources and ensure more equal opportunities for women*, non-binary and trans* people in music?

The networks can propose topics and individual formats via an open call for participation, e.g. in the form of talks, workshops, listening sessions, think tanks, etc.; all formats will be curated and produced decentrally and played out via a common website. It is up to everyone to decide whether they prefer to use Jitsi, Zoom, Airmeet or another platform. Via a digital pinboard, there is the possibility to win other networks as partners for their own formats in advance and to conceive and carry them out together. The exchange and networking of both musicians* and music industry women* is also to be promoted, e.g. through virtual get-togethers in the 2D world of WorkAdventure. In addition to the conference and networking formats described above, there is also space to not only experience music and art together, but also to create them.

The website will also offer all networks and collectives the opportunity to present themselves and their work and thus provide more visibility for themselves. With the exchange that will be started at the (inter-) national network meetings, a sustainable contact point for alliances will be created at the same time.

An international network meeting is planned for the fall.

This measure is implemented in cooperation with the Reeperbahn Festival as part of the project to "Strengthen Germany as a location for music culture and the music industry - Reeperbahn Festival 2020, Diversity, Internationalization, Gender Equality, Excellence and Networking". In cooperation with Music Women* Germany and the c/o pop Convention as part of the c/o pop xoxo 2021. Thanks to Katapult for website and logo design, Geek Space 9 for the implementation of the 2D world and Safe The Dance for the support in the area of code of conduct and digital safer space!