Since the beginning of digitalization, the music industry has been a driving force behind key technological developments and trends to establish new business models and revenue opportunities for creative professionals. The DIGITAL MUSIC section of the c/o pop Convention 2019 on May 2 and 3, 2019 will bring together professionals from the music, creative and digital industries to discuss key issues and challenges facing the music industry in the digital age. The latest technological findings, developments and visions will be examined from the perspective of the music industry in various thematic focuses. At the same time, we want to develop guidance for politics that focus on creative people and their interests.

One focus is devoted to the increasingly urgent need for innovation in the music industry. As a stimulus, we will present interesting new ideas and cases from the fields of audio and video, label work, data management and artificial intelligence. In a blockathon, we will be working on bringing a breath of fresh air into the ecosystem of the music industry. We will also talk about new licensing models that are not only driven by new technologies, but also by a new willingness to cooperate.

We will explore how musicians can use digital platforms such as Bandcamp to generate revenue, and show how music streaming could be improved, so there will be something remaining for the creators in the end. We will outline how green technologies can make clubs and festivals more sustainable. And we will offer time and space for the exchange of creative people and digital start-ups, authors and distributors, thinkers, doers and users.