Cologne Music Conference | c/o pop joins Keychange
Cologne Music Conference | c/o pop joins Keychange

Despite yet another heat wave, we are working at full stretch on the program for the c/o pop Convention at the end of April 2020 in Cologne. Our goal is it to make the event even more rewarding for you. Without giving away too much: A lot will change - spatially, but also structurally. The c/o pop Convention 2020 will also be (even) more women-oriented, as we are now part of the Keychange Initiative - read more about this in the newsletter below. If you want to meet us before then (and if you feel connected to the Cologne music scene), you will have the opportunity to do so at the second Cologne Music Conference on October 21, 2019.

More information about the c/o pop Convention 2020 will follow soon, ticket sales will start shortly - stay tuned!


How is the situation regarding " Culture as an Area of Freedom" in Cologne, to which the new Kulturentwicklungspla Köln (Cultural Development Plan Cologne) is committed? We want to discuss this from the point of view of music at the second Cologne Music Conference on Monday, October 21, 2019 starting from 12:30 p.m. at the Stadtgarten in Cologne.

When it comes to art and culture, Cologne usually does very well in a national comparison with its many spaces and creative artists. Cologne's clubs receive many awards, and hardly any other city (except Berlin) attracts so many artists from Europe. The city of Cologne now wants to strengthen art and culture with the new Cultural Development Plan Cologne . It is clearly committed to Cologne as the "City of Music" - two of the three initial projects are closely linked to music: the subject of "Management of Spaces" and the new "Preis für Popmusik" (Prize for Popular Music).

But who has access to this " Space of Freedom", who has to stay outside? How do we keep the balance between culture as a locational advantage and art freed from factual constraints and marketing talk? Can the value of culture actually be measured, and what is the value of culture to us? In three panels, we want to talk to high-ranking actors from politics, administration and the music industry about the music city Cologne. Confirmed so far: Katja Lucker (Managing Director Musicboard Berlin), Thore Debor (Managing Director Clubkombinat Hamburg e.V.), Markus Greitemann (Alderman Department for Urban Development, Planning and Construction) and Norbert Oberhaus (Managing Director cologne on pop GmbH).

Come and discuss with us! A registration is necessary.


The c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention have joined the Keychange Initiative - with this we set ourselves the goal of achieving a balanced gender ratio both on the festival stages and at the convention by 2022.

The Keychange Initiative, launched by the British PRS For Music Foundation in 2017, initially only focused on music festivals - more than 180 international festivals have so far joined the initiative. As of September 2019, this declaration of intent on gender equality will be extended to related areas in the music industry such as recorded music, publishing and music radio. Until 2023, the EU Commission has allocated 1.4 million euros to the programme which is now under the direction of the Reeperbahn Festival. "We have been discussing the under-representation of women in a pop cultural context for years in protected spaces. There are so many women who make fantastic music or have a keen sense of business. However, this is not only reflected in their successes. Men still dominate art and its market. The Keychange initiative now harbors the tremendous opportunity to eliminate this imbalance," says the newly appointed Keychange ambassador Joy Denalane. We are striving even more than in previous years for a high share of women among our speakers at the c/o pop Convention 2020 - we want to achieve the 50:50 quota by 2020 at the latest, in accordance with our agreement with Keychange.