​c/o pop Convention goes c/o Ehrenfeld
​c/o pop Convention goes c/o Ehrenfeld

In 2020, the c/o pop Festival will once again be hosting the diverse and free program named c/o Ehrenfeld. c/o Ehrenfeld includes numerous concerts, readings and other great activities in the Cologne district of Ehrenfeld - all free of charge. Some of the events of the c/o pop Convention will also be part of the program for c/o Ehrenfeld. Due to the cancellation of all events in April, we are working on the program for October and hopefully will be able to reschedule most of the c/o Ehrenfeld program.

You can find all the convention events originally planned for April that are part of the c/o Ehrenfeld program here:

"Machiavelli - The Podcast about Rap & Politics" with Jan Kawelke, Vassili Golod, presented by WDR COSMO

"Say My Name - Diversity in Music Journalism" with Malcolm Ohanwe, Salwa Houmsi and Aria Nejati, presented by Uh-Young Kim, curated by COSMO

"Sound of a Revolution" with Francis Gay and guest, curated by COSMO, presented by We Are Europe

"Höme Festival Club"

"Lady Bitch Ray about Madonna", reading with Lady Bitch Ray, moderated by Yeşim Duman