Steffen Kache

Steffen Kache

Betreiber & Veranstaler | DISTILLERY & TH!NK?-Festival Leipzig

Steffen Kache has been the operator of Leipzig's DISTILLERY since 1992 and in 2010 co-founded TH!NK? - an electronic live music festival in Leipzig - with in the life. Since 2016, he has been a board member of LIVEKOMM, the federal association of music venues in Germany, and has accompanied the post of treasurer there for more than two years. Within LIVEKOMM, Steffen Kache takes care of the preservation of clubs in the AG Kulturraumschutz and works in the AG Club der Zukunft on new concepts and ideas, which at the moment, however, are mainly expressed in opening concepts from the Corona crisis. When the existence of his club in Leipzig was threatened by a real estate project, he founded the Leipzig Club and Cultural Foundation together with other Leipzig actors and is working with the project "Gleisdreieck" to preserve Leipzig's club culture and to create new spaces not only for clubs. As a sustainable project for the future, the ideas from the AG Club der Zukunft (Club of the Future Working Group), among others, are to become reality in the "Gleisdreieck".