Robin Seiler
Photo: Jona Seiler

Robin Seiler

Student & Twitch-Nerd

With a pacifier in his mouth, Robin already sat in front of the computer and tried out video games. When he turned 10, he got his first skateboard and landed his first ollie relatively quickly. A little later, he also discovered the world of video and livestream platforms for himself. At 13, he even had the idea of writing his own rap track while listening to old records from mom and dad. In short: Robin wants to know how things work. Whether it's soccer, gaming, e-sports, music, skateboarding, videos - he loves to develop creatively in his hobbies, gather information and experience, and simply try out things that are fun. By the way, Robin is studying sports management on the side and is taking care of the entry of the soccer club Borussia Dortmund into the world of e-sports on Twitch as part of his bachelor thesis. He also works as a student trainee at the gaming and influencer agency INSTINCT3. By the way, he used his time at Corona to learn photo and video production. And who knows what else he will discover in the world? He is still young. ;)