Mirca Lotz
Photo: Mirca Lotz

Mirca Lotz

Curator, Event Manager & Activist | [fwd: like waves]

Mirca is a curator, event organizer and activist with a passion for crossing creative boundaries. She has played a prominent role in the work for gender equality in the music industry – as "music innovator" in the Keychange project and co-founder of the musicBYwomen* as well as Music Women* Germany networks. 2017 she created the first showcase festival and conference for women* in music "We Make Waves". Currently, she is organizing a network meetup and exchange event called "Network the Networks" coming April 21st. She is regularly invited to speak about gender equality in the music industry at international festivals and conferences. Mirca also develops safer spaces policies for events and gives workshops and talks on the topic with her agency "Safe The Dance".