Lina Burghausen
Photo: Vanessa Seifert

Lina Burghausen

Musikpromoterin, Musikmanagerin, freie Autorin, DJ | MONA LINA Music Promotion

Mona Lina (Lina Burghausen) is a music promoter and manager, freelance writer and DJ from Leipzig. Since 2014, she has been supporting hip hop artists with her self-titled PR agency in matters of press relations and social media, advising artists on marketing issues, and giving workshops. Since 2018, Mona Lina's blog series "365 Female MCs" has been cleaning up the internet: At www.365femalemcs.com, she proves that women on the mic are not marginal. Since February 2020, Lina Burghausen has been working as A&R for the newly founded all-female rap label "365XX".