Katharina Duve
Photo: Katharina Duve

Katharina Duve

Interdisziplinäre Künstlerin | Auge Altona

Katharina Duve is an interdisciplinary artist in the field of time-related media. Her works appear as videos on the Internet, in cinema programs at film festivals, or as scenographic elements on theater or concert stages, as well as in exhibition contexts as spatial installations. She works as a director, performer and costume designer. Her music videos, short films, live video lecture performances, collages and costumes address improbable identities, diverse body concepts and economic chains of exploitation, drawing on media and materials from everyday culture. Through repetition, appropriation, displacement and superimposition, figures are collaged whose existence questions contradictions in societal and private constructions, while always retaining a documentary reference to the everyday. In 2012 Katharina Duve, together with Timo Schierhorn and Christian Hartman, founded the film collective AUGE ALTONA and since then has been working as part of the creative team of the Hamburg-based music group DEICHKIND in the areas of music videos, stage and TV appearances, social media, photo shoots and costumes.