Dr. phil. habil. Carsten Winter
Photo: Carsten Winter

Dr. phil. habil. Carsten Winter

Professor für Medien- und Musikmanagement | Hochschule für Musik, Theater und Medien Hannover

Dr. phil. habil. Carsten Winter (* 1966) has been University Professor for Media and Music Management (IJK) at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media since fall 2007 and is currently the Dean of Studies for all academic subjects at the university as well as the speaker of the Master's program "Media and Music" (with a focus on empirical methods, research and strategic management). He researches and develops historically and systematically comparative digital strategies and tactics by and for old and new actors in the music and media economy. Practically, he contributed to the development of the research field of music economy and music culture research through new structures and formats in the last decade, when his research on music conjunctures (especially of music networks-, music cities-, and music festivals) confirmed that music (culture) economy is the future laboratory of culture, media, and creative economy. He was involved in the founding of the Gesellschaft für Musikwirtschafts- und Musikkulturforschung GMM e.V. (Society for Music Business and Music Culture Research) in Porto as founding board member as well as founding the International Music Busines Research Association (IMBRA), of which he has been a board member since its inception, and in 2012 in the founding of the International Journal of Music Business Research (IJMBR), of which he has been a member of the editorial team since its inception. He also co-initiated the Young Scholars Research Day of the intern. Music Business Days in Vienna and is co-founder of three book series on music business and music culture research Music Business Research (two national and one international) published by Springer VS. He has published more than 20 books and 90 articles. His current research focuses on newly institutionalized music networks, music cities, new (agency) music festivals with showcase events and conferences, new digital media as a means of production, and new economic actors such as solo self-employed as dynamic drivers of the transformation of the music and media economy.