Antònia Folguera
Photo: ​Antònia Folguera

Antònia Folguera

Content & Communication | Sónar+D

Antònia Folguera defines herself as a "multimedia adventurer". She has been working in media (audio and video streaming) since way before YouTube appeared. Currently, she is a curator in music and digital and new media art festivals, like Sónar+D (Sónar Festival's creative technologies conference) which occupies most of her time during the year, and she collaborates with other festivals like Eufònic (Terres de l'Ebre, Spain), STRP (Eindhoven, Netherlands), Keroxen (Tenerife, Spain). Since 2019 she is jury member and tutor at the Barcelona City Council grants "Barcelona Producció", to support the city's emerging talent. She is also part of the XRCB (Barcelona Community Radio Network) project, and organises "Dorkbot Barcelona", an event that is the meeting point for "the people who do strange things with electricity in Barcelona. She is also an occasional dj, looking for micro-trends and exciting sounds. You can listen to her one Tuesday a month, when she makes her radio show Lummerland at Dublab.es.

Antònia Folguera is face of We are Europe 2021.