Anne Löhr
Photo: Anne Löhr

Anne Löhr

Systemische Therapeutin, Supervisorin & Coach | MiM-Verband – Mental Health in Music

After completing her studies, Anne Löhr initially dedicated herself to clinical-therapeutic work in both psychiatric and psychotherapeutic settings until she became self-employed in 2015. In her Berlin practice, she has since been advising artists and bands, as well as individuals and teams in the music and creative industries on personal and professional development with a focus on mental health, conflict and crisis management, stress and burnout prevention, and (team) communication. She is also active as a speaker and lecturer (e.g. for INSA Berlin, RBF, ESNS, VUT, HfMT Cologne), co-founder of the "Mental Health in Music" association (MiM) and as a musician member of various female-in-music networks (Raketerei, MusicBwomen, V-Breakfast, MusicIndustryWomen).