Portrait XO
Photo: Lydia Goolia

Portrait XO

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Creative Director | Factory Berlin

From a young age, Portrait XO has always been inspired by jazz and improv but her upbringing was strongly focused on classical piano. After listening to Radiohead and Bjork for the first time in the late 90’s, that changed her entire perception of music making. With an ongoing interest in exploring experimental approaches to writing, her move to London from 2006-2015 set her towards a new direction and appreciation for electronic music production. She’s a singer, songwriter, producer, and installation artist working in AR/VR/XR and AI. She continues to explore different sounds from soulful pop to experimental to keep her productions evolving. Her latest experiment with AI involves feeding a neural network with 1 hour of her vocals that generated 10 hours of new audio.

Portrait XO is "We are Europe" Face 2020!