Gunther Buskies
Photo: Simon Hegenberg

Gunther Buskies

Founder | Tapete Records

Gunther Buskies (Hamburg) founded the label Tapete Records in 2002, which since then has been one of the hottest addresses for "pop music with rough edges" and to which artists like Robert Forster, The Monochrome Set, Peter Licht, Stereo Total and die Höchste Eisenbahn entrust their music. A few years later, Tapete Records was joined by Bureau B, where many cosmic music and electronic classics were re-released, as well as new music by Von Spar, Kreidler, Karl Bartos, Die Wilde Jagd, Ulrich Schnauss and many others. With more than 700 released albums and a worldwide distribution and promotion network, the Hamburg-based company is one of the largest active independent labels.