Will Page & Helen Smith: New dynamics of the long tail (EN)
Will Page & Helen Smith: New dynamics of the long tail (EN)

Will Page, former Chief Economist at Spotify and PRS for Music talks to IMPALA's Executive Chair Helen Smith about the displacement of existing businesses by technological and economic change. Rethinking the fundamentals is key to a sustainable future for our industry. Page's first book, Tarzan Economics: Eight Principles for Pivoting Through Disruption, will be published in May.

At Spotify Will Page helped redefine catalogue and articulated the global value of music copyright. A passionate communicator, Will's work is regularly featured in Billboard, the Economist and the Financial Times. His most recent publication examined COVID-19's impact on Britain's live and recorded music industries. In his forthcoming book "Tarzan Economics," he extrapolates music's journey into eight guiding principles for pivoting through the ubiquitous disruption in nearly all industries. Expect the unexpected with transferable lessons coming from Starbucks, Tupperware and even Groucho Marx. Businesses need to be ready and willing to change and, if necessary, be prepared to rebuild entire organizations and business models to do so.

Join Helen Smith and Will Page in a conversation about disruption in our modern music industry.

Speakers: Will Page, Helen Smith

This Keynote Interview will be conducted in English and is part of the second VUT Indie Days Köln.