Which way to the exit, please? The Use of Technology in Pandemic Response
Which way to the exit, please? The Use of Technology in Pandemic Response

Recently, it was announced what had been clear for a long time: music festivals will not be able to take place as usual this summer either, and the cultural and event industry is down in other respects as well; the "first-in, last-out" scenario that started in March 2020 is unfortunately a bitter reality and will remain so for a while. There has been and continues to be a lot of talk about policy mistakes and failures in terms of strategies and scenarios for the resumption of cultural operations - but is everyone talking about the same thing here. The fact that a comprehensive strategy for combating the pandemic and its consequences would absolutely have to include the use of new technologies - keyword: digital contact tracing - has been a recurring theme of late.

Professor Christiane Woopen, Chairwoman of the European Ethics Council and member of the NRW Corona Expert Council, recently put it in very drastic terms: "I think (...) we must introduce a new technology if it is a helpful building block in the fight against the pandemic and makes it possible to restrict the freedoms and rights of citizens as little and as briefly as possible," she said in an interview with the Kölner Staatsanzeiger. And further: "This is not even a question of weighing. It's an ethical imperative."

So where are we on this issue right now? What has the Corona-Warnapp possibly been missing, what improvements will its forthcoming new feature bring? Should additional tools such as the Luca or Recover app come into play, and what conditions would need to be in place to make that happen? Why is policymakers having such a hard time getting these tools to work faster? What - possibly systemic - obstacles stand in our way?

Speakers: Prof. Dr. Andreas Meyer-Falcke, Dr. Nicole Grünewald, Jan Kus, Mankel Brinkmann

This Talk will be held in German and is organized in cooperation with the Media, Cultural and Creative Industries Sector Committee of the Cologne Chamber of Industry and Commerce.