What I should know about psychological stress as a musician
What I should know about psychological stress as a musician

At the beginning of an artistic career, in addition to the joy of musical creation, some of the dark sides of the industry are also very present: the pressure to prove and present yourself, to meet the right people, to participate and not to bend, emotional ups and downs with successes and failures, to overcome your own fears and not to lose courage in all the intense work. And yes, now there is also the crisis.... A good reason to offer especially young artists the possibility to find a healthy way of dealing with stress and all kinds of psychological burdens at an early stage or just now. In this Breakout Session with Anne Löhr, graduate psychologist, therapist and founder of the Mental Health in Music Association, the typical psychological stresses of musicians, but also players in the music industry, especially in times of crisis, will be examined more closely: How are stress, mood swings and depressive symptoms actually caused? What can you do yourself to prevent psychological stress or to combat it at an early stage? What helps when you can no longer cope on your own? And when does the point come when you should get help? The workshop provides important knowledge and strategies to deal with psychological stress. Open questions are also very welcome!

Speaker: Anne Löhr

This Breakout Session will be held in German and is hosted by popNRW, VUT West and c/o pop Convention as part of New Talent.

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