The medium needs a massage again!
The medium needs a massage again!

Can knowledge still be power in the age of its abundance? asked the scientist and journalist Mercedes Bunz almost ten years ago in view of the ever-increasing abundance of information that accompanies the ever-advancing digital transformation of the environment, and thus also of our media. And what does that mean for the here and now, where those who "shout" the loudest on their platforms, channels and profiles presume to be in the right? With Twitter as the endless 280-character press conference of a U.S. president, Telegram between a communication tool for oppositionists and a gathering place for conspiracy theorists, Twitch on its way from a streaming platform for gamers to a competitor for YouTube, TikTok as the new subculture of Generation Z and Clubhouse as a meeting place for old white men, while LinkedIn is preparing to become the new Facebook? And Facebook wants to take off again with Oculus? And when will the podcast bubble finally burst in the midst of all this? The word is out: we need to talk!

Speakers: Alexandra Wolf, Vera Lisakowski, Lisa Stadler
Moderator: Schiwa Schlei

This Talk will be held in German.