Save Our Sounds – Foundations to safeguard our club and live music culture
Save Our Sounds – Foundations to safeguard our club and live music culture

Germany sees itself as a nation of culture; as the land of poets and thinkers, in which culture plays a major role in social life. However, the understanding of culture – that is, the understanding of what is considered artistically valuable, worthy of protection and worthy of support – has not changed significantly since the end of the 19th century, and mostly encompasses what is commonly summarized as high culture. The areas of live music venues and live culture are not considered there, although they have developed into a formative component of cultural identity in Germany over the past decades. With the establishment of the Bundesstiftung LiveKultur, a nationwide foundation for securing spaces for music clubs and festivals – and thus for live music venues and live culture as an integral part of our cultural landscape – is being launched for the first time. In recent years, several foundations with a regional focus have already addressed this issue. With representatives of the Bundesstiftung LiveKultur, the Leipziger Clubstiftung, the Hamburger Clubstiftung, the Rockstiftung Hannover and the Tresor Berlin Foundation, we will discuss, among other things, whether foundations are the appropriate means to secure spaces for live and club culture in our cities and what role they can play in the change of our concept of culture.

Speakers: Terry Krug, Steffen Kache, Dimitri Hegemann, Karsten Schölermann
Moderator: Anna Blaich

This Talk will be held in German and is presented by LiveKomm – LiveMusikKommission e.V. and the Bundesstiftung LiveKultur.

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