Presentation of the continuing education program
Presentation of the continuing education program "Transformation Manager for Sustainable Culture

The cultural and media sectors play a crucial role in the necessary transformation of society into a climate-friendly society. However, in order to fill this role, there is a need for experts who can provide advice on cultural and media productions. Together with its partners c/o pop Convention, IHK Cologne and the EnergieAgentur.NRW, the Aktionsnetzwerk Nachhaltigkeit in Culture and Media has created a training program to support motivated actors in assuming and fulfilling this transformative role. The aim of the program is to impart knowledge on how cultural institutions and media productions can take the path to greater sustainability. In addition to imparting knowledge, the program also serves as a networking opportunity for actors among themselves and with experts.

Graduates will be able to use their knowledge as transformation managers and sustainability ambassadors to initiate and implement processes and projects in institutions that serve as role models for the sector and, beyond that, for a climate-friendly society.

A pilot project with 25 participants will be carried out this spring. The official start of the training will then be in the fall of 2021. For more information please click on the link below.

Speakers: Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Maximilian Kromer, Dr. Ulrich Soénius, Ralph Christoph

This Expert Session will be held in German.

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