On the way to a digital copyright society?
On the way to a digital copyright society?

No one knows for sure at the time of laying down this program what developments will still occur in the course of the (binding) national implementation of the European Copyright Directive on the home straight, what concerns will be expressed, what coalitions will be formed, and what mobilizations of which scenes and/or sub-publics will take place. What can be said for sure: It is complicated. Representatives and associations of creators, performers and their exploiters have fought for years to set the course, the concrete form of which they are now arguing about behind the scenes. Meanwhile, there are cautious signs of a rapprochement between representatives of creators and network policy. Taking music as a starting point, we take a look at the current discourse. What is being fought over, who is fighting with whom, what is the relationship between creators and digital society?

Speakers: Dr. Volker Grassmuck, Matthias Hornschuh
Moderator: Dr. Anke Schierholz

This Expert Session will be held in German and presented by CREATIVE.NRW.

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