I want to Breakthrough! How Amazon Music promotes emerging artists
I want to Breakthrough! How Amazon Music promotes emerging artists

In July 2020, Amazon Music launches Breakthrough – the initiative to support the stars of tomorrow. In this session, Dr. Alexander Franck, Head of Label Relations | Artist Relations, and Henning Rümenapp, Head of Programming and Editorial, present the artist initiative at Amazon Music in detail. They will be supported by pop singer Malik Harris, who has been part of the initiative since its launch together with the band Provinz as one of two German breakthrough artists, and will talk about his own experiences in the music business. Amazon Music will also provide insights into the selection criteria, how artists can qualify for the program and what a Breakthrough campaign at Amazon Music can look like in concrete terms. This is because each campaign is individually tailored to the artist's brand and vision: from audio and video content, global marketing measures such as out-of-home advertising in metropolises like New York, London and Berlin, increased visibility in Amazon Music's playlists and programming, high-profile Amazon Original songs available exclusively on Amazon Music, support for the artists' Twitch channels and more.

Speakers: Dr. Alexander Franck, Henning Rümenapp, Malik Harris

This Expert Session will be held in German and is hosted by popNRW, VUT West and c/o pop Convention as part of New Talent.

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