How to sync in GSA Vol. 2: Best practices, sync strategies and dos and don’ts (focus on brands & advertising) (EN)
How to sync in GSA Vol. 2: Best practices, sync strategies and dos and don’ts (focus on brands & advertising) (EN)

Following the success of last year’s workshop on music synchronization for film and tv in German speaking countries, c/o pop xoxo and CNM joined forces again to offer the 2nd volume of an Expert Session focused on music sync. This year's target topic is advertising and brands: two highly experienced professionals will give their insights and tips for building successful strategies in the sector.

Part 1: Music in Advertising: the System, the Players – and You

Markus Linde, independent music consultant and agent, provides an updated view on the processes of music usage in advertising in Germany together with practical advice for working your catalogue. From the original musical idea to the final decision – and how to get a foot in the door.

Speaker: Markus Linde

Part 2: From Music Sync to Audio Strategy for Brands

"Music Sync" is not about selecting the right music for a tv ad campaign anymore. With sound logos, audio branding, podcasts, clubhouse events, artist collaborations and so much more, the need for a holistic audio strategy has become more and more essential for modern brands and companies. Julian Krohn is Creative Director for Music & Audio at Germany's top advertising agency. He will discuss several of his "music & brands" cases, the dos and don'ts of the sync business and will take a deep dive into brands’ music and audio strategies.

Speaker: Julian Krohn

centre national de la musique

This Expert Session will be held in English and is organized in cooperation with the Centre National de la Musique (CNM – Your French Music Partner).

This Expert Session will not be streamed and is only accessible with registration (the number of seats is limited). If you'd like to be a part of this, email Emily Nass at emily.nass@c-o-pop.de.

NEWS: Le Bureau Export has joined the CNM

The CNM takes on the activities and services of Le Bureau Export – the French music export office. The CNM team assists international professionals interested in made-in-France acts. Focusing on Connections and Communication to ensure successful international collaborations for made-in-France projects, the CNM provides a wide range of assistance and services to music professionals around the world.

Establishing and enriching relationships between international and French professionals:
- Networking events with French industry professionals (in France and abroad)
- Invitations to international festivals and conferences – e.g. Printemps de Bourges, Trans Musicales, Musicora, etc.
- Access to relevant French music professional contacts.

Providing information about made-in-France artists, their French professional entourage and the French music industry:
- Expert recommendations and assistance for discovering and working with made-in-France artists
- Latest updates on music made in France through our recommendation brand What the France (available in four languages)
- Promotion of made-in-France music via the playlist service What The France
- Information on the French music industry.