Grimme Online Award 2021: Announcement of nominations
Grimme Online Award 2021: Announcement of nominations

The nominations for the Grimme Online Award 2021 have been announced! Last year, among others, "Das Coronavirus-Update mit Christian Drosten", "Ctrl_F" and "Rezo" could look forward to a GOA, we are excited to see who can hope for a prize this year. The nominees will be introduced by Dr. Frauke Gerlach, director of the Grimme Institute and Vera Lisakowski, head of the Grimme Online Award. In addition to background information on the competition, you'll learn more about offerings on the web that you shouldn't miss in the stream. The announcement of the nominations also marks the start of voting for the audience award. Vote for your favorites at: www.grimme-online-award.de/voting.

Speakers: Dr. Frauke Gerlach, Vera Lisakowski, Prof. Michael Schwertel

This Special will be held in German.