Going International: Export Strategies for Newcomers
Going International: Export Strategies for Newcomers

This session will present approaches to export strategies for newcomers. Fabian Till Reinkenhoff from the band Darjeeling will report on how an international orientation can succeed on one's own, which questions artists should ask themselves at the beginning and which requirements are helpful in order to gain a foothold abroad. In addition, Philipp Jacob Pahl, Managing Director of Budde Talent Agency, will provide insight into how an agency can combine communications management, live/booking and public relations from a single source as an external partner in order to implement successful export strategies for artists.

The session will be moderated by Julia Waldmann, who, as project manager, is in charge of the International Tour Funding, one of the funding programs with which the Initiative Musik supports musicians financially in the realization of their international tours/projects.

The event is primarily aimed at newcomer musicians. Michael Wallies, Head of Press and Public Relations at Initiative Musik, will begin by introducing the nationwide funding organization and its offerings for musicians. At the end of the session, there will be enough time for a Q&A session, where the speakers can answer questions from the participants and give tips for their projects.

Speakers: Fabian Till Reinkenhoff, Philipp Jacob-Pahl, Michael Wallies
Moderation: Julia Waldmann

This Breakout Session will be held in German and is hosted by popNRW, VUT West and c/o pop Convention as part of New Talent in cooperation with Initiative Musik.

The Initiative Musik is the central funding institution of the German government and the music industry for the German music industry. We strengthen the presentation and dissemination of music from Germany at home and abroad. Our programs and projects focus on supporting newcomers, musicians with a migration background, live music clubs and music companies, as well as the development of sustainable nationwide structures for rock, pop and jazz.

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