Forum Musikwirtschaft zur Corona-Pandemie und ihren Auswirkungen
Forum Musikwirtschaft zur Corona-Pandemie und ihren Auswirkungen

Bridging Aid I, II and III, November and December Aid, New Start Aid, NEUSTART KULTUR I, aid programs of the federal states - the funding cornucopia is full and one would actually think that the federal and state governments have done enough so that everyone can survive the economic consequences of the Corona crisis well. How can it be, one might ask, that many sectors of the economy, such as numerous business sectors of the music industry, nevertheless criticize the considerable aid packages, consider them insufficient and make further demands? The Forum Music Industry explains its foundation and shows why a "new start for music" will fail without improvements to the current aid packages and further support measures. The Forum Music Industry consists of the seven most important associations in the sector: BDKV (Federal Association of the Concert and Event Industry), BVMI (Federal Association of the Music Industry), DMV (German Music Publishers Association), IMUC (Interest Group Music Managers & Consultants), LIVEKOMM (Association of Music Venues in Germany), SOMM (Society Of Music Merchants) and VUT (Association of Independent Music Entrepreneurs). It thus encompasses the key sectors of the music industry and sees itself as a discourse space in which central issues of the music industry are identified and discussed in order to address them to politicians and the public.

Speaker*innen: Pamela Schobeß, Birgit Böcher, Daniel Knöll
Moderator: Frank Kühl

This Talk will be held in German and is part of the second VUT Indie Days Köln.