Club Study 2021: Initial presentation and discussion of key findings
Club Study 2021: Initial presentation and discussion of key findings

In October 2020, the Initiative Musik conducted the first nationwide survey on the situation of music venues in Germany as part of the Club Study. Thanks to a great willingness to participate among operators and the support of regional and national associations, meaningful data is now available for a comprehensive stocktaking. The club study will be published in spring 2021.

At the c/o pop Convention, we would like to present the key findings of the study. They give us a picture of the "normal state" before Corona and how things basically stand with music venues in Germany: how many are there and where? How are these establishments structured and what distinguishes them? In addition to the economic importance of music venues, their cultural and social contribution will be examined. Due to the current situation, the study will also look at the initial effects of the pandemic on venues and how far the road back to "normal" is. Finally, the club study provides information on where the greatest needs of music venues lie and how they and the musical and cultural diversity they create can be sustainably supported and promoted.

Following the presentation, we would like to broaden the perspective through four expert:inside talks. In them, guests from politics, the federal government and LiveKomm will explain what the results mean to them. What fundamental conclusions can be drawn about the work, structure and understanding of venues as cultural venues? What recommendations for action do the experts see from their respective perspectives and to whom should these be directed?

Speakers: Heiko Rühl, Caren Lay, Julia von Wild, Lisa Andersohn, Martin Eifler
Moderation: Ina Plodroch

The Initiative Musik is the central funding institution of the German government and the music industry for the German music industry. We strengthen the presentation and dissemination of music from Germany at home and abroad. Our programs and projects focus on supporting newcomers, musicians with a migration background, live music clubs and music companies, as well as the development of sustainable nationwide structures for rock, pop and jazz.

This Talk will be held in German and is organized in cooperation with Initiative Musik.