"Are we gonna be alright?" The Status Quo of Diversity, Equality, and Discrimination in the Music Industry

Since the summer of 2020 at the latest, topics such as diversity, discrimination and equality have also been discussed by a broad public in this country. With campaigns like #blackouttuesday, the German music industry also seems to want to make its contribution. But how diverse is the industry really? What role does equality play in companies? Where does discrimination still take place? And: What does the future hold? In the Breakout Session with Misc Berlin, the agency for cultural change, we want to get to the bottom of these questions and venture an outlook on how the industry will have to change in the coming years.

Speakers: Demba Sanoh, Runa Hoffmann

This Breakout Session will be held in German and is hosted by popNRW, VUT West and c/o pop Convention as part of New Talent and co-hosted by musicNRWwomen*.

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