Antonia Baum about Eminem
Antonia Baum about Eminem

Antonia Baum on Eminem (KiWi Music Library, Volume 8): How does a woman manage the contortion of loving rap while being permanently insulted? Antonia Baum is a writer, and Eminem was once one of her literary idols. But the world has changed in the meantime, and certain aspects of one's own pop-cultural biography are better left out. So what does Antonia Baum do with this misogynistic, homophobic, white Eminem corpse in her basement twenty years after the rap classic "Stan"? Is the concept of a "corpse in the basement" a good idea? And can it be that Eminem was a genius rapper despite everything?

Speakerin: Antonia Baum
Moderator: Wolfgang Frömberg

This Special (reading) will be held in German.