We care because you do!
We care because you do!

Information from April, 3, 2020:

We regret to inform you today that the c/o pop Convention and c/o pop Festival in April will not take place as planned.

Due to current developments arising from the coronavirus, the pandemic and the resulting restrictions placed on the staging of events, there is a general ban on events in Cologne up to and including April 19, 2020.

The City of Cologne has now come to the conclusion that major events beyond that date cannot be permitted until the end of May 2020, as such events carry a high risk of spreading the coronavirus. At this time it is to be expected that events must be prohibited after April 19, 2020, too, as far as they have not been canceled yet.

After close consultation with the local authorities, our sponsors and partners, we, therefore, have decided to cancel our planned events in April. After all, the health of all people involved is still our top priority. Moreover, it is currently not predictable whether, and if so to what extent, the restrictions on public life will be eased after April 19, 2020. This will be decided by the federal and state governments in the coming weeks.

However, we are very pleased that we have found a solution after consultation with our sponsors and partners and that the c/o pop Convention will take place in October 2020. The new date will be announced shortly.

The planning for the c/o pop Convention in October is in full swing and all information on this you can find here on our website or in our newsletters. Unfortunately, we will not be able to move the entire scheduled April program to October.

We are sorry we were unable to make this decision until now and appreciate your understanding.

Tickets for the c/o pop Convention remain valid for the new date in October - except combination tickets for the c/o pop Convention and the c/o pop Festival. Combination tickets will be refunded anyway. Tickets will be refunded by our ticket partner Ticketmaster. All ticket holders will receive further information by e-mail in the next couple of weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience should there be a delay in the return process - the tickets will be refunded under all circumstances.

We wish you peaceful days and hope to see you in October!

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@c-o-pop.de.

All the best and kind regards,
your c/o pop Convention team

Information from March, 19, 2020:

The last days were very exhausting for all of us. Our life situation has changed rapidly and in part drastically. Today we would like to inform you about the current state of affairs regarding the c/o pop Convention 2020.

The local authorities (State of NRW and City of Cologne) have imposed a ban of all events. However, this ban currently "only" applies until April 19, 2020. There are currently no guidelines or recommendations to cancel events after that date. This is a very difficult situation for us.

Our highest priority is the health of all participants and we would like to contribute - like other organizers - to containing the spread of the corona virus as much as possible.

Of course, we follow the reports and orders of the authorities and are also in close contact with our sponsors and partners. We are also working on possible options to postpone the c/o pop Convention 2020.

We are hoping to be able to give you detailed information about this as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we will show you projects and ideas of our sponsors, partners and local locations on our social media channels so that you can still fill this time of waiting with music and cultural content.

We wish you peaceful days and hope that you and your loved ones stay healthy.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@c-o-pop.de.

Information from March, 11, 2020:

c/o pop Festival & Convention provide information on the latest developments concerning the corona virus COVID-19

It goes without saying that we are receiving an increasing number of enquiries about the status of planning and holding our event from April 22 to 26.

Therefore, we want to provide you with current information from now on!

As the organizers of the c/o pop Festival and the c/o pop Convention, we are aware of our responsibility towards our visitors, artists, speakers, partners, sponsors and staff, and we are taking this very seriously. For this reason, we are keeping in close contact and constant exchange with the local authorities and closely follow the communication of the Robert-Koch-Institute, the Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA) and the Federal Ministry of Health.

On March 10, the city of Cologne ordered that events with more than 1,000 expected visitors should be cancelled. The city of Cologne has also decided to initially set the ban until April 10, 2020 (Good Friday).

Based on the current state of information and the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the city of Cologne, we therefore assume that the c/o pop Convention, the c/o pop Festival and c/o Ehrenfeld can take place as planned.

Just as it is said about citizens of the Rhineland, we are optimistic for the time being that we will be able to experience some great days together in these difficult times. If anything should change regarding the assessment and the guidelines of the responsible authorities relating to the organization of events in Cologne, you will find it out here immediately.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@c-o-pop.de.