University cooperations
University cooperations

As an industry meeting for the music industry, the creative industries and the digital economy, the c/o pop Convention not only aims to bring together professionals, but also to explicitly reach the experts of tomorrow. That's why each year we approach new universities and organise collaborative events during the c/o pop Convention.

In 2020 we wanted to cooperate with the Folkwang Institute for Pop Music (Essen), the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz (Cologne) and the SRH School of Popular Arts (Berlin). Due to the cancelation of all events in April we cannot realize these cooperations. We are now checking possibilities to reschedule the cooperations to October 2020.

In April, the cooperations would have included showcases of bands from these universities as part of c/o Ehrenfeld, panel discussions and much more.

With the SRH School of Popular Arts we wanted to organize the "Steps Ahead Listening Session" with Tim Thaler as well as the Expert Session "Listen Up: Podcasting from A-Z" with Tim Thaler and Victor Redman.

The cooperation with the Institute for Pop Music at the Folkwang University of the Arts would have included an expert session on the topic "The Road to Freedom - How do you position yourself as a young artist in 2020? Major? Indie? DIY?"

Abstract: Due to Myspace a new era for young artists began in 2003. Suddenly the world was only one upload away - and it soon seemed clear to everyone: why negotiate with a label when you could get gigs in Rio, New York and Tokyo. By now, Myspace is nothing but a dusty marketplace on the Internet, but there is still no lack of functional social media communities with the promise of fast networking and thus career kick-offs. And yet the atmosphere is not as euphoric as it was a decade ago. Between the disillusionment of streaming and ticketing monopolies, even in 2020, young artists still have to think about what partners they should position themselves with in order to get their career off the ground.

Speakers: Gunther Buskies, Katharina Köhler, Anton Teichmann
Moderation: Tanja Godlewsky, Thomas Venker

The cooperation with the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Cologne would have included an expert session on the topic "Songwriting: Is that something you can study?"

Abstract: Chorus, hook, refraub, ramp, topline, middle eight - what? Your song has all the important elements, it sounds awesome - but it still leaves everyone cold? Your songs are not like the ones on the radio - is that good or bad? You don't know what to tell - or you doubt if you have something to tell? And - is it even possible to learn all of this? You can. The Cologne University of Music and Dance (HfMT) offers songwriting as a major subject as part of the bachelor's degree course in jazz-pop. At the HfMT Expert Session, Stephan Scheuss (major subject teacher and study group leader for songwriting), Anikó Kanthak (major subject teacher), Christoph Rieger (songwriting student) and Julia Leimenstoll (alumna) will answer your questions about studying songwriting and pop music at the HfMT Cologne and share their experiences with you.

Speakers: Stephan Scheuss, Anikó Kanthak, Julia Leimenstoll, Christoph Rieger