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The Future of Spaces with Rachel Sibley, Cologne honors Nico, new Speakers
The Future of Spaces with Rachel Sibley, Cologne honors Nico, new Speakers


Topic Thread „The Future Of Spaces: Von Räumen für Neue Arbeit“

The INTERACTIVE topic thread "The Future Of Spaces: Von Räumen für Neue Arbeit” (About Rooms for New Work) at the c/o pop Convention on Thursday, August 30, is hosted by CREATIVE.NRW. It will explore both analog and algorithmic spaces and bring together new insights and specific best practices within a comprehensive concept of space.

The international impulse and kick-off comes from Rachel Sibley (Singularity University California), marketing strategist, futurist, and expert for immersive technologies, in particular, augmented and virtual reality. In her speech, she will address the areas where AR and VR are already pushing the boundaries of what is possible and what ethical standards are needed for the gradual integration of these technologies into our daily working lives.

The panel "The Future of Spaces – Arbeit als (Er)Lebensraum", presented by Anja Backhaus, is dedicated to the interface of the digital and the analog: What kind of organization and structure is required to establish high-performance spaces? How are new technologies helping to create these environments? Other participants: Marc T. Nicolaisen, Director Customer Experience of Steelcase, and Verena Augustin, Studio Director IXDS in Berlin.

The interactive session "The Future of Spaces - Spaces for New Work" deals with the question of how an optimized cultural-social space for high-performance working atmospheres can be developed in addition to the optimized virtual-technological workspace. Participants are: Peter Schreck (idea republic), Anke Johannsen (composer, pianist, and singer), Thomas Klug (cogitamus), Doris Hallerbach (Deutsche Telekom AG) and Judith Behmer (rheingold).

Ralf Nähring, managing director of dreiform, and Marc Flören and Robert Milost, partners of pointreef, will present exciting models of success and current developments at "The Future of Spaces – Best Practices”.


Panel „Is AI reshaping or destroying the music industry?“ (The Future of Competencies)

Will artificial intelligence transform or destroy the music industry? This provocative question will be the subject of the panel in INTERACTIVE's topic thread "The Future of Competencies" on Thursday, August 30. Where some might see creative possibilities that have never been explored before, others may fear that musicians, managers, agents, labels, journalists and all other members of the music industry value chain will become redundant. But from making music to music recommendations and discoveries to hyper-personalized listening experiences, there is certainly an AI application that can support or transform these areas.

Have a discussion with our international guests about whether artificial intelligence should delight or frighten us: Dr. Òscar Celma, Head of Research at Pandora Music Recommendation Service, Inderjit Birdee, Head of Strategy at A.I. Music, who are introducing Artificial Intelligence into music production, and Rachel Falconer, Innovation Consultant and Digital Art Consultant at Goldsmiths Digital Studios. Moderated by Antònia Folguera, Content Curator at Sónar+D.

Presented by We Are Europe and co-curated by Sónar+D.


Speed Briefing „Top 5 Streaming Challenges“

In a sixty-minute long speed briefing on Friday, August 31, as part of EXCHANGE & CONNECT, Chris Cooke, MD and Business Editor of CMU Insights, will present five key challenges that the extended music streaming industry – including artists, songwriter, labels, publishers, incorporations and the streaming platforms themselves – must tackle. The speed briefing is based on the book “Dissecting The Digital Dollar” which was released earlier this ear by CMU Insights and MMF UK.


tbd. is back

The summer break is over: tbd., the talk show format for digital nomads, pop culture slackers and Grimme Prize jurors, is back! Kick-off for the second season will be at the c/o pop Convention 2018 - on both days in the lobby of the IHK Cologne. Markus Meske, once part of VIVA and thereby a veteran of music journalism, and Axel Post (YUKAWA DIGITAL) will soon broadcast a talk show in snack-sized bites onto the German internet on every second Tuesday. In order to get at least one fucking thought to the point without tight broadcasting schedules, there will be no time limit at c/o pop Convention. Talk to the speakers. Talk is cheap - life is long distance.

„The Frozen Borderline“

Cologne honors Nico

One of the most famous, and undoubtedly the most colorful daughters of Cologne is Nico (née Christa Päffgen) - mannequin, actress, it-girl, muse, singer, artist. To commemorate the Nico-Year 2018 (80th birthday, 30th anniversary of death), the project "The Frozen Borderline" is not only bestowing the city of Cologne with a temporary Nico Square, which will feature an installation by Hanno Mühlenbach and Elisa Metz, but also three outstanding concerts: Jessica Moss, K Á R Y Y Y N, and Laurel Halo will celebrate Cologne's style icon and greatest pop artist between August 30 and September 2. Nico Square and the concerts will find their home within the exhibition "Andy Warhol - Pop goes Art" at the MAKK - Museum für Angewandte Künste Köln (Museum for Applied Arts Cologne).