Producer talk with your songs
Producer talk with your songs

In our Expert Session Boomy, Boxy, Bright: Producer talk with your songs Olaf Opal and Jan Philipp Janzen talk with Ina Plodroch about music production. The two experienced producers have worked with many contemporary German artists and bands, such as International Music, Juli, Ich&Ich, Von Spar, Sportfreunde Stiller, The Notwist, Die Sterne and many more. In the session they explain how they approach songs and tracks, what they pay attention to and what is important to them. They will each take three songs to explain their work.

You want Olaf and Philipp to talk about your song? Then send it to us! Until April 14th you can submit a maximum of one song as an artist/band. Send the link to the song (download link) by e-mail to Corinna Jacke (VUT West): jacke@vut.de. Subject: "Producer-Talk New Talent Day".

The Expert Session will run live and exclusively on our new convention platform on April 24th! You can find the link to the platform in our Pro Area from the beginning of April.

Speaker: Olaf Opal, Jan Philipp Janzen
Moderator: Ina Plodroch

This Expert Session will be held in German and hosted by popNRW, VUT West and c/o pop Convention as part of New Talent.

This Expert Session will not be streamed and is only accessible with registration (the number of seats is limited). To register, you need an account on our Convention platform. After registering, you can sign up for this and all other sessions and also network and share with other attendees. Here is the platform: https://c-o-pop.de/xoxo/pro.