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Not like any campaign
Not like any campaign

It appears as if every other advertisement in Great Britain is paired with a well known melody. In Germany it seems to get harder for publishers and musicians to include original compositions in advertisement: German agencies are increasingly banking on “bespoke” compositions from successful music production companies – often for a relatively small price. At the same time, composers are justifiably demanding a high commitment on the topic of sync from their publishers.

How this process between artist, publisher, agency, and brand can ideally takes place will show the Case Study: „Not like any campaign – Von einer guten Zusammenarbeit zwischen Werbeagentur und Musikverlag“ (On the good cooperation between advertising agency and music publisher), which will take plaxce on Thursday, August 30 as part of BRANDS & MUSIC: Yasmine Gallus (Budde Music), will, together with Peer Steinwald (Budde Music), composer Max Weissenfeldt and Executive Producer Mark Róta (antoni Holding GmbH), present this with an example of two campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, which developed thanks to a close cooperation between advertising agency and music publisher – for example:

Yasmine Gallus leadsthe Sync Department of Budde Music in Berlin and London as Senior Marketing & Sync Manager. She connects artists such as Aurora, Alphaville, Alle Farben, IAMNOBODI, Richie Hawtin, Henrik Schwarz, and Fritz Kalkbrenner with big brands like Vodafone or John Lewis

Peer Steinwald is Senior A&R Manager bei Budde Music – he works together with authors such as Oddisee, Francesco Wilking, Jazzanova, Natureboy Flako or Das Paradies, and s responsible for the creative utilization of the sub-published catalogues at Budde Music (for example, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, Dave Brubeck).

Max Weissenfeldt spent his apprenticeship years with the krautrock legend Embryo, and in the early 90s he was co-responsible for the world wide soul revival as the drummer of Poets of Rhythm. He worked as a drummer for Dr. John and Lana Del Rey and operates the label Philophon, with artists like Jimi Tenor, Alemayehu Eshete, and Guy One.

As Head of TV & Film foragencies such as Jung von Matt, Scholz & Friends and antoni, Mark Róta has already been responsible for a lot of spots for big brands.

BRANDS & MUSIC is being organized by Lautstark in co-operation with c/o pop Convention 2018.