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More Content, More Value!
More Content, More Value!

More Content, More Value!

The programme for the c/o pop Convention on August 30 and 31, 2018 at IHK Köln is getting more and more fleshed out and is getting a new addition to the family. RENDEZ-VOUS! MUSIC MEETS FILM will bring together film creators and content providers from the music business. We Are Europe will be presenting three high-quality panels at INTERACTIVE and EXCHANGE & CONNECT. There will be a panel about the change of power from music media to influencers and musicians at BRANDS & MUSIC. And a workshop at NEW TALENT will inform the participants about the tasks of a music publisher. You can find the complete programme here: http://c-o-pop.de/convention/program/


On Friday, August 31, 2018 c/o pop Convention will for the first time bridge the gap between film creators and content providers from the music business with RENDEZ-VOUS! MUSIC MEETS FILM: At Britney at Offenbachplatz film producers and directors will meet with publishers, label and artist managers, music supervisors, music consultants and composers. We will illustrate which music is used in which way using the example of several film projects. In order to take part, you need a ticket for the Convention (either one- or two-day pass) and an accreditation via e-mail to karla.koenig@c-o-pop.de.


Panel 100 Years of Copyright Where are we now? [The Future of Trust 1]”

During its 100 year old history the copyright of music has frequently changed. Where are we now: Is the current concept of the copyright adequate for the demands of the future? In which way is the creation of value for the artists changing at the moment? Are digital systems such as blockchain able to improve the allocation system? What are the functions that labels, publishers and collecting societies will fill in the future? This is what we want to talk about with industry experts during the INTERACTIVE thread, on Thursday, August 30, 2018: Claudia Schwarz (MusicTech Germany), Maxime Faget (SeaNaps Festival), Paul Pacifico (AIM – Association of Independent Music) & Turo Pekari (Teosto Futures Lab). Host: Cliff Fluet.

In cooperation with the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) and the Alexander von Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft (HIIG), presented by We Are Europe and co-curated by European Lab.


Panel Last Night The Influencer Saved My Life

Who are the new opinion leaders? There is a big change of power in the promotion sector: classical music media are surrendering their position to the artists themselves who can create a much better reach through their own channels than the music media, for themselves and others. What is the value today to have your picture on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine as an established artists? Isn’t the additional value bigger for the medium than for the artist? What is the position that music media still has in the industry? Do they still have a future? We want to talk about this with influencers, musicians and journalists at BRANDS & MUSIC on Thursday, August 30, 2018: Aydo Abay (Musiker), Dillan White (Influencer & Model), Julian Buning (Wunderkidz), Paulus von den Hoff (Styleheads), Sebastian Zabel (Rolling Stone). Host: Jan Hendrik Becker.

BRANDS & MUSIC is being organized by Agentur Lautstark in cooperation with c/o pop Convention 2018.


Panel Politics of Dancing

What is the political potential of electronic dance music in the year 2018? Is techno finally a museum piece, as current exhibitions such as “Night Fever” (Vitra Design Museum, ADAM Design Museum Brüssel) or the planned MOMEM in Frankfurt are indicating? Or are mass demonstrations of ravers in Tibilisi proving the opposite? There young people looking for pleasure did transform into activists after they were threatened with having taken away their culture. Is techno still good for being a counter culture – and if so, under which circumstances? We will discuss this at EXCHANGE & CONNECT on Friday, August 31, 2018 with experts and activists from all over Europe: Anastasios Diolatzis (Reworks Festival), Katarina Serulus (ADAM Design Museum Brüssel, co-curator „Night Fever), Matthew Collin (journalist), Tobias Thomas (Kompakt), Cyrille Bonin (Le Transbordeur/Arty Farty, Lyon), Christian Arndt (writer & journalist). Host: Thomas Venker (Kaput Magazin für Insolvenz & Pop).

Presented by We Are Europe, co-curated by Reworks Agora and European Lab.


Workshop “What does a music publisher do?”

The task of a music publisher is it to evaluate the musical work that has been created by the creators. The music publisher discovers, supports and looks after the creator, takes the administrative work off their hands and thereby enables them to concentrate on the creative process. What this looks like in times of globalization and digitalization will be shown in this workshop with Prof. Dr. Christian Baierle as part of NEW TALENT on Friday, August 31, 2018. Christian Baierle is a member of the executive board at ROBA Music Publishing, one of the the leading music publishers in Germany and Europe.