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Creative dialogues on the digital future: INTERACTIVE

On Thursday, August 30, the programme thread INTERACTIVE will bring together digital and creative professionals to discuss central topics and challenges of the economy and their implications on society. In the three programme focuses of INTERACTIVE, we will also examine the exciting ideas, findings, and visions from the music industry’s point of view – which has been a driving force of central technological developments and trends since the beginning of the digitalization. “The Future of Competencies: From artificial to artistic intelligence” will explore how we can design artificial intelligence in an artistically intelligent way – and what kind of competencies we need for this. The program focus “The Future of Spaces: On spaces for new kinds of work”, hosted by CREATIVE.NRW, we will closely examine the analog, but also the algorithmic, spaces in which we are thinking and acting – since they significantly determine who we are and how we work. For “The Future of Trust: On values and distribution systems” we will combine keynotes and interactive activities into a creative and inspiring cloud of the new trust economy in which content and data business go hand in hand.

The Future of Competencies : From artificial to artistic intelligence

Even now there is no day without artificial intelligence. It surrounds and supports us, and it is possible that soon half of all of our interactions will take place with artificial intelligence. There are prophecies for the future that are predicting a dominance of the algorithm-based bearers of competency which both raises great hopes and worries: They will completely change culture, economy, and society – slowly and furiously at the same time.

Today we will decide what these developments will look like. We have to ask ourselves now how artificial intelligence and the interaction with it will be designed so that it can develop its optimum benefit but also sense. We also have to consider who we are as humans, what makes us irreplaceable in these new times and which role we want to play in the development of the future. Our core thesis is: Artistic intelligence as matching counterpart for artificial intelligence! This also includes the following questions: How can we deliberately cultivate creative, artistic competencies in the economy? How can we facilitate the productive and innovative dialogue between progress and public interest? What expectations can das should we have, and with what can and should we anticipate in business contexts?

We want to approach these subjects from different perspectives, especially in view of prospectively relevant competencies , which means the ways in which we can design artificial intelligence in an artistically intelligent way. At the same time, we will show concrete examples of how these challenges are being dealt with in companies today and what innovative solutions can look like.

The Future of Spaces: On spaces for new kinds of work

Competencies are not the only factors defining the performance, contexts also have an important part. The spaces in which we think and act are significantly determining who we are and how we work. Space forms work and its success in the form of condition and structure. That is the reason why the spaces of tomorrow are already being thought and made in future-oriented organizations. These spaces are places of exchange, are creating places for education, experimentation and opportunities, are containing free spaces and are expanding into virtual spaces.

How can these new environments be designed participative? Which specific conditions are needed for a productive, creative and meaningful operation? What kind of organization and structure do you need to establish high-performance spaces? In which way do new technologies help to create these environments? How digital and virtual is the future of work?

The thematic focus on new spaces, hosted by CREATIVE.NRW, will closely examine the analog, but also the algorithmic, spaces. We will bring together new findings with precise best practices for a comprehensive understanding of space.

The Future of Trust: On values and distribution systems

Systems and their contents – infrastructure and data – are the basis for the new world order. Situated in the digital they will more and more determine physical worlds, their relationships, responsibilities, ascriptions, and attributions. We are at the beginning of these new orders, and while an increasing decentralization of responsibility and power, in general, offers the tools for a basis of trust, it is all the more important to keep in mind all relevant aspects while developing these structures. This means that especially with respect to a fair use of data we need a critical and discursive analysis.

This thematic focus will be on the “soft” dimensions of the new distribution systems and the question which foundations and implications are needed for the development and establishment of these structures. How can technology be used to create trust with control? What does a humane future of data look like and which new orders are needed for this? How can we implement sustainability in the light of future uncertainty? What is the contribution of data ethics to more monetization? And who decides who the new gatekeepers are and which contexts and metadata are relevant for this?

Impulses for this and other questions will be given in diverse contributions and various formats. Keynotes and interactive activities complete each other into a creative and inspiring cloud of new trust economy, where content and data business go hand in hand.