Highlights Professional Program April
Highlights Professional Program April

Within the Professional program of the c/o pop Convention 2020 keynotes, panel discussions, presentations, workshops and training sessions will provide a practical look into the future. We had an amazing program for the c/o pop Convention in April. The planning for the c/o pop Convention in October is in full swing. Unfortunately, we will not be able to move the entire scheduled April program to October. Some of the Professional program highlights would have been:

Gaming&Musik (Gustav Käll, Bernhard Mogk)

Music Supervision (Nora Felder)

Artists as brands (Josh Greenberg)

Musik im Podcast (Thomas Theune, Tina Jürgens, Samira Leitmannstetter, Jule Wasabi, Schiwa Schlei)

Spotify Masterclass (Michael Schneider, Stephan Szillus)

Deezers User-Centric Payment System (Richard Wernicke)

FemPower: Schritte zur gender equality mit Keychange (Lena Ingwersen, Katja Lucker, Dena, Francis Gay, Victoria Blechman-Pomogajko)

DIANA AI Song-Contest & Preisverleihung

VUT Indie Days Köln

Europe in Synch (Nis Harvey Bøgvad, Nuno Saraiva, Markus Linde)

Sync Summit: French Publishers meet German Supervisors