Highlights New Talent Program April
Highlights New Talent Program April

The New Talent program of the c/o pop Convention provides practical industry knowledge for tomorrow's musical pros. You can see some program highlights that we would have presented in April below. The planning for the c/o pop Convention in October is in full swing. Unfortunately, we will not be able to move the entire scheduled April program to October.

Music production (Olaf Opal, Jan Philipp Janzen)

AI in Music production (Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, Portrait XO)

Music video production (Brigitta Jahn, Anne Schulte)

Listen Up: Podcasting from A-Z (Tim Thaler, Victor Redman)

Effective booking (Corinna Jacke)

What's your story? Artist marketing (Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker)

Green Touring (Jasmine Klewinghaus, Mariko-Ann Zimmer, Fine Stammnitz)

Artist and tour sponsorship (Lena Engeln)

"Steps Ahead" Listening Session (Tim Thaler)

University cooperations