Further highlights confirmed: Better streaming, rap & politics, creating music with Alexa...
Further highlights confirmed: Better streaming, rap & politics, creating music with Alexa...

BRANDS & MUSIC: „ALEXA SONG – The first interactive song with voice assistent Alexa“ - Presentation with Too Many T’s

More and more artists want to be independently creative. Without the support of a (large) label, they need to find alternative ways to build an audience and distribution channels. The main challenge is to stand out from the crowd. The up-and-coming British hiphop band Too Many T's has taken the interaction with their audience to a whole new level using a DIY approach: they created the first interactive song that integrates a language assistant. Brand consultant Henan Wensink (henanX - creative brandexperience services) and band member Sam Lewis-Wall will present the case on Thursday, May 2nd at BRANDS & MUSIC.

DIGITAL MUSIC: Panel „Streaming, not dreaming!“

Streaming has become the main source of music consumption and, according to a recent study by Goldman Sachs, has heralded a renaissance of the music business. But it is well known that today's models still leave much room for improvement, especially when it comes to remunerating the creative people behind the music. But where to begin? Following the keynote by publicist and concert agent Berthold Seliger, we will discuss some ideas. Do user-oriented payment models have a future? How can the metadata and its maintenance be optimized? Is it possible to increase the subscription price for a higher audio quality? In addition to Berthold Seliger, Johannes Fürst (The Orchard), Bas Grasmayer (Idagio) and Jörg Heidemann (VUT) will discuss at the panel "Streaming, not dreaming!" during DIGITAL MUSIC on Friday, May 3rd. Presented by VUT.

EXCHANGE & CONNECT: „Machiavelli – about the complicated love of rap & politics“ - Podcast Special with Mavi Phoenix

Hip hop was born politically and hip hop has remained political. Whether internationally or in Germany: From N.W.A. to K.I.Z., from Advanced Chemistry to Kendrick Lamar. Rap loves politics, politics loves rap - sometimes aggressively out of every line, sometimes hidden between the rhymes. Since 2018 Vassili Golod and Jan Kawelke have been talking and arguing about this love story on their WDR COSMO Podcast. "Machiavelli" is about big speeches and overlooked rhymes. Everything between the lines. For their Machiavelli special "about the complicated love of rap & politics" during the c/o pop Convention 2019, they will welcome rapper Mavi Phoenix, who will also be appearing live at the c/o pop Festival on May 4th.

NEW TALENT: Work it! Workshops withMarco Erler, Alex Warnke and Maya C. Sternel

Licensing music for advertising and film, benefitting from intellectual property rights worldwide as rights holders, mixing powerful music with Ableton Live: The NEW TALENT program will be rounded off by workshops on these topics on Friday, May 3rd.

In the workshop "Music in Advertising and Movie" Marco Erler shows how music is licensed for a film or commercial and which legal hurdles have to be overcome.

Alex Warnke's workshop "... and please don't talk about music rights" will explain how you as the rights holders can benefit worldwide from your ancillary copyrights.

Ableton Certified Trainer Maya Consuelo Sternel aka Donna Maya will show how everybody can best mix their own music with Ableton Live, so that the songs get more presence and sound really powerful, in her workshop "Mixing with Ableton Live". To register for this workshop, write to info@popnrw.de

SPECIAL: Meet-up musicNRWwomen

The focus of the musicNRWwomen project is the networking of all female musicians and actors of the music business in NRW. After last year's kick-off, there will be a meet-up at the c/o pop Convention 2019 on Friday, May 3rd, where the network will present itself and report on its goals and plans. Andrea Rothaug (Hamburg Rock City e.V., musicHHwomen), Laura Aha (music journalist, Groove, Spex, taz, Musikexpress), the Düsseldorf culture and concert collective Fem_Pop and Alejandra Gómez (Biche), who has founded a similar network in Colombia, will provide short impulses. Furthermore, the musical program of the receptions on Thursday and Friday evening will be curated by musicNRWwomen. On Thursday night Alejandra Gómez will play Cumbia records.

SPECIAL: We Are Europe @ c/o pop Convention 2019

The cooperation project We Are Europe launches a new three-year cycle (2019-2021) as part of the program Creative Europe. We Are Europe's eight creative teams, including c/o pop Convention & c/o pop Festival, have selected 64 personalities from across Europe who will play a central role in shaping the project's activities in 2019. They are artists, activists, designers, researchers... Four speakers will be presented at the c/o pop Convention 2019 by We Are Europe: Vanessa Reed (PRS Foundation, Keychange), Susan Rogers (Berklee College of Music), Jovanka von Wilsdorf (BMG Rights Management) and Antònia Folguera (Sónar+D).