First speakers confirmed
First speakers confirmed

The first speakers of c/o pop Convention 2020 are confirmed! Participants will include Bernhard Mogk from the Electronic Sports League (ESL), which is now joining the music market with its own label, Nilgün Öz, Managing Director of the non-profit Musik Bewegt Foundation, and Jesper Skibsby, founder of the worldwide radio tracking service WARM. Music publisher Nuno Saraiva (Lusitanian Music Publishing, Lisbon), Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music) and Markus Linde (thag's agent, Hamburg) will present the project "Europe in Synch", which brings together the audiovisual sector and the music sector to raise the curtains and reveal the actual processes in which music is synchronized to moving images.


The Electronic Sports League (ESL) is the largest league for gamers in Europe. With more than ten million visits per month and more than two million registered members, the league portal is one of the largest web presences in Germany today. Additionally, there are numerous events and the IPTV channel ESL TV. Now, ESL is entering the music market with its own label Enter Records: According to the motto "Soundtracking the gaming experience", the label wants to build up the stars whose music will be played in games and at the accompanying live events in the future. This opens up new possibilities for musicians to reach an audience of millions worldwide. Bernhard Mogk will reveal more about the strategies and plans at the c/o pop Convention 2020. He is Senior Vice President Global Sales & Business Development at ESL Gaming GmbH, a subsidiary of the Cologne-based Turtle Entertainment GmbH and operator of the Electronic Sports League.


A lot of musicians are committed to social projects beyond their purely artistic activities. They seek support for their matters close to their hearts. However, this commitment competes with classical marketing activities on their official channels. The non-profit foundation Musik Bewegt, which is run by the four partners Till Behnke, Josefine Cox, Herbert Grönemeyer and Jörg A. Hoppe, offers artists a shared communication platform. At the same time, it is the place to go for fans and music lovers to get involved and help in association with "their" artist. In order to maximize reach, the social media channels of the artists and supporters can be linked together as desired. So far, more than 700,000 euros have been raised through more than 3,100 donations for almost 100 projects – 100 percent of which are forwarded. Music Bewegt follows strict transparency rules when selecting projects. At the moment, Balbina (who will perform at the c/o pop Festival), Samy Deluxe, Die höchste Eisenbahn, Die Fantastischen Vier and Die Ärzte are represented at Musik Bewegt with projects close to their hearts. Managing Director Nilgün Öz will present the project at the c/o pop Convention 2020.


WARM (World Airplay Radio Monitor) is the first major radio tracking service aimed at individual players in the music industry. WARM provides insight and real-time data on when and where songs are played on radio stations around the world. All you need to do is upload the MP3 files of the songs you want to monitor. According to WARM, 87 per cent of their users discover radio uses of which they had no prior knowledge. Monitoring can not only lead to more royalty income, it can also help to target promotion, marketing and touring strategies more precisely. Jesper Skibsby, CEO and founder of WARM, will explain the service in an expert session at New Talent on Saturday, April 25, 2020.


The synchronization of music and moving images is a complex process. What could a new EU sponsorship program do to facilitate this for all involved? This is what the "Europe in Synch" project tries to find out. "Europe in Synch" is a preparatory action under the EU's Music Moves Europe initiative, which aims to provide the groundwork for the successor to the European cultural program Creative Europe between 2021 and 2027. The project brings together the audiovisual sector (film and advertising companies, creative agencies, advertising agencies and other players) and the music sector, labels, music publishers and composers: Its goal is to raise the curtains and reveal the actual processes in which music is synchronized to moving images. Music supervisors play an important role in this. Music publisher Nuno Saraiva (Lusitanian Music Publishing, Lisbon) initiated the project as president of the Portuguese Independent Music Trade Association (AMAEI) with the experienced music supervisors Markus Linde (thag's agent, Hamburg) and Nis Bøgvad (Copenhagen Film Music). At the c/o pop Convention, they will present the results of the "Europe in Synch" preparatory action, under the Music Moves Europe banner.