Festivals & Tourism, Celebrating Sustainably, Music Journalism 3.0: New Speakers & Amazing Topics
Festivals & Tourism, Celebrating Sustainably, Music Journalism 3.0: New Speakers & Amazing Topics

Spring is here - and with it plenty of new speakers and great topics for the c/o pop Convention 2019 on May 2nd and 3rd at the IHK Cologne. You can find the complete, constantly updated program in our Timetable. And to get tickets, click here!

BRANDS & MUSIC: Festivals and Tourism

Nowadays, many festivals are attracting the attention of international visitors: transforming such events into tourist products is, therefore, one of the most important aspects of the current festival world. Tourism marketing can offer a more complex customer experience from the very first contact, can open up an additional source of income and can create occasions to tell many new stories. The panel "Festivals and Tourism - How to turn your music event into something more" with András Berta (EMAC Group) and Ruud Bongaerts (Festival.Travel) will deal with this topic from two perspectives: that of the festival and that of a provider of comprehensive touristic packages. Anyone who is involved in the organization of a festival or (as a fan or band) is simply interested in better understanding how such events work these days can learn a lot of interesting things during BRANDS & MUSIC on Thursday, May 2nd.

BRANDS & MUSIC is organized by the agency Lautstark in cooperation with the c/o pop Convention 2019.

DIGITAL MUSIC: Green Tech for Festivals & Clubs

Sustainability is also currently the major issue for festivals and clubs. Keywords such as #zerowaste, #greenevents or "carbon footprint" appear on the event profiles and attract a lot of attention. Everyone now wants to organize sustainable events and dance into a better world. But does something like THE sustainable festival and the "green club" exist at all? And: Is the event technology even ready for it? Will in future all festival visitors have to generate their own electricity with bikes? Or are there other solutions? We will be looking into this on Thursday, May 2nd as part of DIGITAL MUSIC in the panel "Green Tech in the Event Business: How sustainable can festivals and clubs be?" Participants: Björn Hansen (Morgenwelt), Jacob Bilabel (Green Music Initiative), Konstanze Meyer (Clubliebe e.V. , BUND Berlin), Pascal Tsachouridis (NATURSTROM AG) and Zora Brändle (Eventkultur Rhein Neckar e.V.) – presented by LiveKomm.

EXCHANGE & CONNECT: Music Journalism 3.0

"It has long been an open secret that classical music journalism has lost its gatekeeper function not just due to digitalization, but certainly also due to its own passivity," wrote Alexis Waltz (together with his colleague Sebastian Weiß) in the last print edition of GROOVE at the end of 2018. Has music journalism abolished itself, or do we need to develop an individual form and language for writing in a digital context? During this session on Friday, May 3rd as part of EXCHANGE & CONNECT, we want to find out what strategies should be pursued in this field in the future. Participants: Alexis Waltz (Groove), Derek Opperman (Electronic Beats), Johannes Jacobi (Höme - For Festivals), Niloufar Behradi-Ohnacker (Blogrebellen), Tex (TV Noir) and Hanna Bächer (Red Bull Music Academy Daily, Presentation).

NEW TALENT: Who’s Who – The Players behind the Stage

Organizers, bookers, promoters, venues – and somewhere in between the artists: Which players are there on the live music market, and who does actually do what? Who is the appropriate contact person for me as a band, and where can I perhaps envision working myself? Booker, promoter and tour manager Katharina Wortberg will explain "the players behind the stage" in the workshop "Who Is Who" - on Friday, May 3rd as part of NEW TALENT.

NEW TALENT is hosted by popNRW - Nachwuchsförderung für junge Musiker in NRW and VUT West as part of the c/o pop Convention 2019.