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The networking platform: EXCHANGE & CONNECT

Networks are the main artery of the globalized field of action and work of the creative industry and therefore also of the music industry. Whether in the local or transatlantic network of relationships of music creators and music consumers, of economy and politics, of institutions and companies – it is more important than ever to have an active exchange of knowledge and information.

What is the significance that the night economy has for cities and regions? Might we need night policy in addition to cultural policy, and what could it look like? How could we reach a strategy of facilitation instead of the current strategy of prohibition? What are the existing concepts to protect live music venues from the spiral of gentrification? How can the interests of live music venues, real estate industry and urban development be reconciled? Are live clubs cultural assets and thereby worthy of protection? How can the live music industry survive in-between “hat offerings” and blockbusters? Is club culture, in the way we know it, ripe for the museum for good or does it still have a future? How can networks be used smartly as to put things on the right tracks? These are a lot of questions, for which we need to find the answers.

As part of EXCHANGE & CONNECT, we will present w examples of how networks fill and alter topics, how they are used to articulate and spread interest and how they generate new ideas and sometimes even added value, on Friday, August 31

Together with our partners, the IHK Köln, the KLUBKOMM e.V. – the association of Cologne clubs and promoters, the festival and conference network WeAreEurope, popNRW e.V. and many more we will present best practices, cases and exciting network projects.