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Check the timetable!

Who, what, where, when? The complete programme of the c/o pop Convention on August 30 and 31, 2018 at the IHK Köln is online. Get an overview now. These are four highlights that we want to recommend to you strongly.

BRANDS & MUSIC, Thursday, August 30

Artist Talk: Samy Deluxe

Musicians and especially rappers are existing on the credibility they have with their fans. How can that be reconciled with brand cooperations? Which kinds of cooperation are favored, important and necessary – and which are harmful for your career? What do artists think about the communication of brand messages through their own social media channels? In short: What is a great brand cooperation, and what is a terrible one? That is what we want to talk about to Samy Deluxe, who did work together with Desperados, the Deutsche Telekom, and the Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, as the last event of BRANDS & MUSIC on Thursday, August 30.

BRANDS & MUSIC is being organized by the agency Lautstark in cooperation with c/o pop Convention 2018.

INTERACTIVE, Thursday, August 30

Panel “The Future of Competencies 1 – Artificial and artistic intelligence: associates or opponents?”

The opening panel for the INTERACTIVE programme focus “The Future of Competencies“ will bring together different perspectives on the topic of artificial and artistic intelligence, so that they can exchange ideas. How can humans and machines go hand in hand? What can a symbiosis of the creation of meaning and productivity look like? At first, we will illuminate the basics of artificial intelligence, and there will be a spotlight on the aesthetic of algorithms, so that we then can discuss what artificial intelligence as a classification system for data has to do with creativity and which new types of creativity it will generate. At the same time we need to map out what exactly characterizes artistic intelligence, and in what way this human resource – also in the future – differs from the capacities of machines. A clear view on the differences and similarities is supposed to represent the basis to identify potential fields of application and forms of cooperation in various business areas up to the integrative, strategic orientation, and to develop scenarios for the future.

In this panel we will devise in a dialogue where and how we can locate and use which abilities, what a combination of artificial and artistic intelligence looks like and which perspectives for new economic and business models can arise out of this: Knowledge, inspiration and economic intelligence for the specific daily practice and more.

Participants: Dr. Christoph Best (Senior Data Scientist, Google), Dirk Dobiéy (Founder, Age of Artists), Stefan Holtel (AI Explainer, PricewaterhouseCoopers). Moderation: Seda Röder (Pianist / Consultant, Sonophilia).

EXCHANGE & CONNECT, Friday, August 31

Kick-off music-nrw-women

The new regional female community music-nrw-women will be presented to the public during EXCHANGE & CONNECT at the c/o pop Convention on Friday, August 31. No matter if you are a musician, booker, tech, label owner or music journalist: The new network will offer qualification, exchange, participation, empowerment, protection, and presence to all of you. This will already be the fifth of 16 Music Women Networks with its own website, logo, and events – the first one was founded in 2017 in Hamburg under the name “musicHHwomen – art.business.media”.

The goal of this nationwide initiative is to found local networks which will locally campaign for the equality of women in music, in every federal state. Additionally, there is supposed to be a nationwide database of all women in the music business that can be accessed by all 16 networks.

The background of the founding of these networks is the prevalent gender conflict in the music business. As long as there are hardly any inquiries, reliable data, participation in the political dialogue, or access to the, mostly male, leadership elite, women, in contrast to their male colleagues, remain stuck to the work-filled, but poorly enumerated cultural and social sector.

Andrea Rothaug, managing director of RockCity Hamburg e.V. – center for popular music and president of the Bundesverband Popularmusik Deutschland, will present the initiative.

NEW TALENT, Friday, August 31

Workshop “Artist Management“

Which areas of expertise are part of everyday working life for an artist manager? Which challenges is he faced with? And in which way has the job profile changed over the last years? These are the questions which will be at the center of the workshop with Beat Gottwald and Götz „GG“ Gottschalk at NEW TALENT on Friday, August 31. They will characterize closely three areas of artist management: business management, administration management, and creative management.

Beat Gottwald started his career as a hip hop party promoter in Hamburg. After having worked for Motor Music, Universal and Sony BMG he founded his own agency “Beat The Rich!” in 2007. He has K.I.Z., Casper, Kraftklub, and WassBass under contract.

Götz „GG“ Gottschalk has been working as a music publisher, manager and music entrepreneur since 1995. His management functions are primarily in the genres of hip hop, r&b, soul, reggae, and jazz.

Presented by Verein zur Förderung der Popkultur e.V.