AI & music production @ New Talent
AI & music production @ New Talent

Holly Herndon uses it, Grimes and Zola Jesus have a Twitter debate about it: artificial intelligence has long since found its way into musical composition and production. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will also play a role at the c/o pop Convention - for example at NEW TALENT on Saturday, April 25, 2020.

Under the title "brAIncandy: Is this still AI, or can this already do music?" Jovanka v. Wilsdorf, musician, artist profiler and songwriter at BMG Rights Management, will present some of the state-of-the-art AIs used today. It will show how AI, VR and AR could change our creativity and the entire music industry forever.

Afterwards we will dive into the practical application with musician and installation artist Portrait XO. As the first artist in residence at Factory Berlin, Portrait XO explores where we can go with AI, sound and new media. In her workshop, she presents these creative possibilities in the production of songs.

Booker and coach Corinna Jacke from leuchtfeuer booking will give an expert session on the NEW TALENT Saturday and will give you tips for more effective booking and more visibility in music projects.