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A better world thanks to data?
A better world thanks to data?

Systems and their contents – infrastructure and data – are the building blocks of the new world order. Located in the digital they will also determine the physical worlds. We are standing at the beginning of this new order, and while an increasing decentralization of responsibility and power is essentially providing the equipment for a basis of trust, it is all the more important to keep all relevant aspects in mind and discuss them during the development of these structures. The thematic focus “The Future of Trust”, which is a part of INTERACTIVE on Thursday, August 30, will deal with the “soft” dimensions of the new distribution systems and the question which bases and implications are necessary for the development and establishment of the structures. Paula Schwarz will deliver important input on the subject. She is the inventor of Datanomics and founder of the World Datanomic Forum – and according to Forbes one of the 30 most important Social Entrepreneurs under 30 in Europe.

Datanomics understands the value of cooperation in another way as the economy nowadays. Together with high-profile supporters from the German “Burning Man”-community and top corporations from the German economy, Paula Schwarz invites you to an impulse performance about the core teachings and guiding principles of Datanomics and will show you how and in which was Datanomics is changing life and systems in a positive way.

Paula Schwarz is a social entrepreneur, techie, political scientist and economist. She founded the think tank “Startup Boat” and spent two and a half years on the border of Greece and Turkey to reorganize and digitalize refugee camps. She won the Venture Bus in Africa and worked for fonds of Google board member Philipp Schindler. In 2017 she founded the World Datanomic Forum. Ever since then she strives to organize resources on the basis of data and according to demand and benefit.