April 24,

Concert @
Bumann und Sohn

"But helly she-dog, ground your ill snout" (Saphho)

she-dog is unstable music from sensitive bitches. Lei Macolata (bass, vocals), Daisy Heroine (guitar, vocals) and Maximilian Meisenmann (drums) are she-dog from Cologne. Between garage and post punk, she-dog don’t want to commit to anything.

Lei Macolata (vocals/bass), Daisy Heroine (guitar/vocals), and Maximilian Meisenmann (drums) are she-dog Cologne Kalk. she-dog don't want to commit to a genre, but if they had to, it would lie somewhere between garage and post-punk. Inspired by the ancient poet and musician Sappho, Lea Torcelli and Lisa Heldmann decided to form a band with the name she-dog 2017. she-dog (referring to a female dog) is an archaic word for bitch. This offensive expression contrasts with the earlier characterization of the bitch as a female friend and companion. Lea Torcelli and Lisa Heldmann write the music for she-dog while their stage characters perform it as Lei Macolata and Daisy Heroine. Each song expresses a feeling that is more or less clearly different from the others. Therefore, it makes sense to the musicians that each song should sound different and unique. she-dog wants to be the opposite of genre music and unambiguous interpretation. Their lyrics are not always actual sentences. Some songs stay pure feelings, others tell stories about trauma, anger and convention. In any case, the words seem to flow from the microphones or to be thrown into the crowd under high pressure.

The concert by she-dog will take place as part of the project "c/o pop Nachwuchs NRW 2022", funded by the Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of NRW.

she-dog Deep in a Mine (official video)