Larissa Magnus

Larissa Magnus

Larissa Magnus

April 23,

Comedy @

"Let's build a cave and watch the wild guys"!

Larissa thinks it's way too much fun to jump into the ball pool, have a water fight and toast to life with Robby Bubble Kinderersekt. So why not, just because you're 26 years old. She just can't stand all this fake shit and says: "it's so incredibly beautiful to be yourself"! Letting go together and confidently saying "yes I have a fat pimple on my forehead and wear a hot bite guard at night".

Just tell them honestly what it's like to go to the gynaecologist for a urine test. She's not alone in that, because all this wanting to be perfect is so blatantly uncool. That's why she hands out wristbands with "fuck it" written on them at her performances. 

Because that's exactly what the comedian from Bonn gets across in her comedy and the audience still remembers a few days after the event when they see the bracelet on their wrist. 

"fuck it - do it".